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Bluesfest hero image


Client: Logan Center for the Arts

Design: Joel Matos


Logan Center Bluesfest honors the South Side roots of the blues tradition. With conversations and presentations by emerging artists and legendary award-winning blues musicians each year, Logan Center Bluesfest provides unique critical discourse of the blues alongside a rich roster of headliner concerts, free performances, and live interviews. The design direction was inspired by vintage boxing posters and old blues concert posters. Simple icons of music items such as old microphones and instruments were a starting point for some of the graphic elements and the Blues Fest wordmark was conceived during this process, inspired in part by looking at the side of a harmonica and incorporating type that is ever changing and varied such as the blues itself.

Bluesfest website mockup
Bluesfest event poster
Bluesfest program covers
Bluesfest Program inside
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